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Improved understanding of concrete fatigue allowing more optimized design

Call to experts to join and improve the understanding of concrete fatigue allowing more optimized design.

HAMBURG, Germany – 25 May 2018 –

The currently available tests for concrete compression fatigue are based on rather different test set-ups. It is sometimes unclear how the data have been evaluated and how/if the data from different test series can be compared.

The goal of the proposed Joint Industry Project (JIP) will be to develop a standardized testing method for concrete compression fatigue, which currently is not available. A standardized testing method can be used to go beyond current standards and can form the basis for the future development of the fatigue design methods.


  • To reduce the uncertainty in concrete fatigue design
  • To lower the cost of new constructions
  • To facilitate the lifetime extensions of existing installations

Developers, wind turbine owners and manufacturers, as well as designers, universities and test institutes can gain further knowledge of the behaviour and eventually allow the industry to go beyond current standards with more optimized concrete fatigue design rules.