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IFV and DNV join forces to contribute to safe energy transition

Letter of intent signed to achieve a greater joint impact for a safe energy transition.

ARNHEM, The Netherlands – 28 June 2021: The energy transition is one of the greatest contemporary challenges facing the Netherlands. On 24th June, IFV and DNV signed a letter of intent regarding their collaboration on a safe energy transition. Based on a shared vision of a safe energy transition, the Netherlands Institute for Safety (IFV) and DNV have the ambition to intensify their strategic collaboration in the coming years in order to make a bigger joint impact and to be able to make a greater contribution to a safe energy transition.

Efforts based on knowledge and authority
Through this letter of intent, the IFV, a public knowledge institute in the field of crisis management and fire service, and the DNV, an internationally recognized independent authority in the field of risk management, security and safety, have joined forces.

Nils Rosmuller, Professor of Transportation & Energy Safety with IFV: ‘To avert the harmful effects of climate change, it is important that we rid our society of fossil fuels and come up with more sustainable resources. All kinds of developments are happening in this area. Examples include solar panels, neighbourhood batteries, electric cars, hydrogen production and storage, wind turbines, and so on[i]. All these technological innovations and developments offer many opportunities. A proper understanding of the security risks that come into play lets us help society turn this transition into a success. I think that jointly sharing knowledge about these risks is an absolute must-do for society.’

The collaboration will be intensified over the next three years. One thing that has been agreed in this regard is that a joint research programme will be developed. Boosting the debate about this topic is also important. The letter of intent was signed on 24th June by Maurice Adriaensen, Director and Market Area Manager Netherlands, Belgium and Israel, Theo Bosma, Program Director Energy Systems at DNV, IJle Stelstra, IFV Director, and Peter Bos, IFV quartermaster for education.

IJle Stelstra: ‘We use our technical and strategic knowledge and skills to assume a leadership role and achieve informed operations and decision making. Jointly, we can contribute to a safe energy transition with greater impact. I am therefore very proud of this letter of intent.’

Maurice Adriaensen: ‘The future clean energy system will be complex, but it is definitely technically and economically feasible. A precondition for accelerating the energy transition is that the new energy system will work safely. We are proud that we can contribute our broad and thorough energy expertise to the safety of the energy system in the Netherlands.

About IFV
The IFV is the public knowledge institute in the field of crisis management and fire service. The various professorships of the IFV develop knowledge in the field of fire safety, incident response, crisis management, and transportation and energy safety. The knowledge that originates from the IFV’s education and research efforts is distributed to the field, to safety regions, and to other crisis partners. The IFV also has an excellent position at the interface between the national and regional governments and the different crisis partners who are organised at national and regional levels.

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