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Great interest in smart options

An increasing number of people become aware of how smart options can make the construction process more efficient and life for residents easier, says product manager NorDan Smart, Olav Hjørungnes.

For many in Rogaland, Norway,  Olav Hjørungnes is perhaps best known as department head at the Stavanger office. As part of NorDan’s focus on smart products, he also received responsible for the portfolio of smart options in April this year.

-As Product manager I have, put simply, responsibility of overseeing training, sales and marketing of NorDan Smart, he says, and elaborates:

-As of today we offer NorDan SmartDoor, which many are already familiar with. In addition, we have Solar sun collector, NorDan Outdoor with ID Lock and especially facade integrated solar shading with NorDan Screens, he says. And particularly Screens has lately experienced a very positive sales development.


NorDan Screens combines two proven and well-tested products, but the rewards are greater than the sum of the two.

-By assembling and testing the screens solution from Hunter Douglas on the window at the factory, you achieve several advantages. For architects and builders the most important effect is perhaps that the need of external boxes is removed. With our solution solar protection goes in line with the window and is concealed by the cladding. In addition, the costs associated with scaffolding and personnel that occur if you want to retrofit the solution is avoided, Hjørnungnes states.

-This Autumn about 80 NorDan Screens is dispatched from the factory in Moi per week, and the proportion is rising. The construction industry is seriously beginning to see the great benefits of smart solutions, concludes Hjørnungnes.