Exploring aquaculture and innovation with Bruno Polichetti

September 12, 2023

“When I started in 1992 as a sales representative and technical support for feeding systems, I didn’t foresee the evolution of AKVA group,” says Polichetti.

The team consists of Polichetti, Service Engineer Chris Chatzigiannakis, and Secretary Effie Vouvelli. They manage various responsibilities. This team has propelled the Greek office into a prominent position.

“Our focus has been on providing professional services and maintaining connections with our clients.”

This dedication is evident in their recent accomplishments, including the sale of innovative feed barges that are transforming Mediterranean aquaculture.

“We’re not just selling products; we’re introducing technology to the Greek fish farming industry. The AM400CL barge, a trailblazing addition to Mediterranean aquaculture, was a significant milestone.”

Collaborating with Philosofish, AKVA group Greece engineered two additional hybrid feed barges, setting new standards for operational efficiency and quality.

Competitive local market

Polichetti explains that navigating a competitive local market is challenging.

“Our journey has been demanding, yet rewarding. We’ve faced competition across various product lines, from pens and cameras to feed systems and barges. These challenges have motivated us to adjust our strategies, encouraging innovation and growth.”

The goal is to design technology that aligns with the unique requirements of the Greek fish farming industry. Departing from adapting solutions for salmon, they aim to develop products that cater to local needs, positioning itself to capture a substantial share of the Greek market.

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