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DNV GL successfully launches digital PPA Demand tool

Digital tool increases PPA market liquidity and transparency

ARNHEM, The Netherlands – 20 October 2020 – Today DNV GL announced the operational launch of its Instatrust™ Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Demand tool with a large European telecom and technology provider, successfully sourcing 100 GWh.

The market Demand generated great levels of interest with more than 800 GWh of project volumes submitted in two weeks. In total 1,370 GWh of volume was added to the platform as a result of this PPA demand, potentially enabling the customer to meet its demand needs nearly 14 times over.

“Introducing an innovative digital way of meeting green power sourcing goals with a corporate buyer such as this telecom provider as a launching customer has been really amazing“ said Caroline Brun Ellefsen, Global Head of Instatrust™. “The size and complexity of this particular Demand have thoroughly tested our concept and we have many lessons learned that will help both buyers and sellers in accelerating the PPA process while managing their risks better”, she added.

The PPA Demand Tool brings more transparency and liquidity in the PPA market and delivers much more quick and efficient sourcing than traditional RFP processes. Additionally, it provides in-depth analytics to support navigation between PPA opportunities. This Demand took only 2-3 hours and gave a 91% PPA Matching score to preferences for four promising opportunities.

Instatrust™ provides an automated scoring of the projects submitted, based on DNV GL’s proprietary scoring methodology, which leverages extensive track-record and expertise in services such as due diligence. The scoring includes a matching element, project feasibility and seller’s profile score. Instatrust™ is also providing market insights and feedback to all sellers participating to increase the transparency of the PPA market.