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Continuous innovation by Consilium- CGS50/500 gas sampling system

Built to fulfil the demands of today and tomorrow. Based on the legacy of Consilium with ease of use and peace of mind. The new CGS50/500 gas sampling system is ready to detect potentially hazardous leakages in ships around the...

Consilium Common Platform (CCP) has a modular design giving great flexibility. We use this platform for all our other fire and gas detection systems, so it was a natural choice for the new CGS50/500 gas sampling system. One advantage is that CGS50/500 thereby gets the same user interface – well-known for being easy to learn and work with on a daily basis.

“User-friendliness is important to staff, not least in critical situations,” says Magnus Gillberg,  Sales Manager at Consilium. “Having the same interface for both fire and gas detection makes a real difference onboard.”

The modularity also makes upgrades easy and saves service time, and you can even write code directly from a computer to get specific functionality. Everybody in our worldwide service network is familiar with CCP. You are never far away from support and spare parts.

The same cabinet size

CGS50/500 is based on a cabinet with the same outer dimensions and mounting dimensions as the present Salwico SW2020 gas sampling system. The pipe connections for gas sampling are just slightly changed.
“Backward compatibility is important to our customers,” says Fredrik Jonasson, Product Manager at Consilium. “We had good reason to switch to CCP for the new CGS50/500, but keeping the cabinet size was an important decision to make the physical replacement easier.”

New features and more to come

New functionality on CGS50/500 is a history calibration log helping you keep track of events. All data is saved for six months, ready for further analysis. You also get an upgraded manifold design for easier maintenance. Redundant control is available as an optional safety feature. We will continuously add new features to the system.
CGS50/500 is now available in the market. The system is, among others, compliant with the (EU) 2018/773 new performance and testing standards requirements of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) starting June 1st, 2019.

Talk safety with us

Are you thinking about replacing your gas sampling system? Take the chance to talk to our experts about CGS50/500. See contact details below. We are ready when you are.