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Accidental discharges of oil are the nightmare of every coastal and maritime nation. When it comes to the marine environment, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A few hours lost in responding to an oil spill...

Environmental protection has always been a high priority for Norway. The petroleum and shipping activities of the past three decades have spawned a highly-developed oil pollution control programme which includes emergency preparedness legislation, dedicated R&D, and numerous products and services.

The Norwegian Oil Spill Control Association (NOSCA) provides products, technology and expertise worldwide, wherever they can be used to protect the environment. A non-profit organization, NOSCA represents all the significant Norwegian suppliers of equipment and services, as well as R&D establishments and government agencies, and offers services covering every aspect of oil spill prevention and control. NOSCA was founded in 1993 in order to provide the Norwegian environmental technology sector with access to the global market. The organization currently has 20 members, including the Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT).

To further international cooperation in oil spill response, NOSCA hosts an annual seminar on oil spill technology in Norway with participants from all over the world. The organization is also working with its French (SYCOPOL) and British (BOSCA) counterparts to establish a broad European network in order to better utilize common experience and expertise. The first joint conference and exhibition – Interspill 2000 – was held in Brighton, UK, and the next will be held in Brest, France, 11 to 16 March 2002, in cooperation with the French conference, “towards safer and cleaner seas.”

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