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Midtnorsk Havbruk chooses concrete barge from Steinsvik

Midt-Norsk Havbruk, a part of the NTS-Group recently signed a deal to purchase a Nova Concrete feedbarge from Steinsvik. The barge measures 40x20 meters and has a expected lifetime of 50 years. It is certified for a significant wave height...

The 4th build in Steinsvik’s concrete barge series
The barge is the fourth in the Steinsvik’s concrete barge series. The first was delivered in May 2018. The barge is equipped with a 12 line feeding system, an integrated Steinsvik silage system and Barge control for monitoring and control of generator, tanks, silos and pumps. The barge also have two recessed stairs for easy access from boats and D fenders for optimized disinfection and


Concrete barges are in demand in Norway
“We have had a good demand for our concrete barges, and come summer next year our concrete barges will be operational

in all parts of Norway. Our concept seems to be a hit, our design and technical solution have met a need in the market” tells Tor Henrik Haavik, sales director in Steinsvik.


Exposed site
“The barge will be moored at the site Kvingra” explains Roger Eiternes from Midt-Norsk Havbruk. The site is quite exposed on the northwestern side of the island Leka, and is open for most wind directions. The site has a significant wave height of 3,8. Previously we have used a steel barge on the site, but steel wasn’t stable enough on the hardest days. The new barge will be much more stable; which means better HSE conditions and more comfort for the crew on site. We have had the barge customized for our preferences, the living quarters are good, and the barge has plenty of storage space which is important to us because the barge will be moored far away from the nearest shore base.