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Maritime: 3rd Wave: The Most Comprehensive And Modern Marine Technology Centre In The World

The Norwegian cluster provides a broad range of products and services from ship equipment,

The Norwegian offshore fleet is the second largest in the world and the industry is characterized by its:
• High competence
• Innovation
• Advanced technology
The Norwegian cluster provides a broad range of products and services from ship equipment, service providers, shipbuilding companies, seafarers and ship owners.

The melting of polar ice, technological advances, and the recent delineation agreement between Norway and Russia over the Barents Sea are providing great impetus to the possibility for increased maritime traffic through the Northeast Passage. A new report by Norwegian independent research institution Ocean Futures has for the first time documented a holistic look at the commercial possibilities for these Arctic routes.

Maritime 21 – The Industry Calls For More R&D
The Norwegian maritime industry has called for the government to allocate NOK 505 million per year in research and innovation starting in 2012. The goal of the new strategy, Maritime 21, is to shift the focus from many small projects to fewer ones with larger impact and make Norway the most attractive place for a global, knowledge-based and environmentally robust maritime industry by 2020.

Emission Reduction – Tangible Benefits To Ships & The Environment
International shipping is regarded as the most carbon efficient means of transporting goods worldwide. Still, the industry accounts for some 3% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Norwegian companies are looking at new ways to reduce emissions and in the future attain carbon neutral growth.

Ballast water – New Rules & New Opportunities
Norway adopted a new regulation effective July 2010 enforcing ballast water exchange off its coast. The measure is an intermediate step ahead of the International Maritime Organisation’s Ballast Water Convention requirement that all ship are able to conduct ballast water treatment onboard by 2016. These steps both safeguard Norwegian ecosystems from invasive organisms and provide new business opportunities within ballast water management systems for Norwegian suppliers.

Focusing On Innovation, Cooperation & The Environment
Norway has a long history of success and achievement within the maritime industry. As one of the world’s leaders and employer of over 97,000 people, the country is the fifth largest maritime nation in the world. With a focus on innovation, cooperation, and an ongoing commitment to the environment, the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry and its Maritime Strategy is central in this process.

The Future Ocean Space Centre
The Norwegian Marine Research Institute Marintek is leading a public-private initiative to build a World Ocean Space Centre in Trondheim by 2020. The concept has been called the third wave, referring to the historic opening of the first ship towing tank in Trondheim in 1939 and the ocean basin in 1981.

International Success & Design Are Closely Linked
Design is one of the keys to international success. A number of surveys have shown that companies using design as a business tool are more likely to achieve international success than companies that are not.

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