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Major US Broadcasters Chose Vizrt for Presidential Elections

Vizrt Ltd has announced that 4 US networks will use Vizrt during the November 4th Presidential elections.

Vizrt will be supplying, on a rental basis, approximately 50 Viz|engines to ABC News, CBS News, all CNN news networks, Fox News, Fox Business and FOX TV Network. The engines are in addition to the more than 200 Viz systems already owned by these customers and will be utilized to visualize information related to the US election results. High quality and detailed map information as well as a host of new, innovative real time displays, will further enhance the visual coverage of this historic political process. In addition to the aforementioned, Vizrt products will be used by over 40 local and regional channels throughout the United States.
Bjarne Berg, CEO for Vizrt, stated, “The Primaries have shown how important it is for broadcasters to enhance their coverage in order to obtain market share. Information on live TV has greatly benefited from the ability to visualize and Vizrt has achieved great success in this field. Special events are an important showcase for us and we continue to improve our clients’ ability to capture their audiences.”