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    Buffermount, FOI, IS2000, Softmount, Vingfoot, Vingmate, Vingpos, Vingrange, Vingtaqs,
Buffermount, FOI, IS2000, Softmount, Vingfoot, Vingmate, Vingpos, Vingrange, Vingtaqs,
    Air defence systems, Aluminium and aluminium products, Aluminium products, Anti-vibration & Anti-Shock Mounts, Armoured launching turrets, Basic metals and associated products, Battle simulators, Command Control & Information Systems, Consultancy & other services, Customized body work & interiors for military vehicles, Defence simulators & training systems, Electronic equipment, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Systems, Fabricated products and materials, Fasteners, chain and springs, Firing Control Systems, General-purpose machinery, Gun turrets, Integrated logistic support (ils), Iron and steel products, Laser range finders & night vision devices, Launchers, Machinery, equipment, appliances, apparatus and associated products, Maintenance & overhaul of guns, Management holdings services, Metal structures and parts of structures, Military vehicles, Military weapons, Miscellaneous general-purpose machinery, Periphery surveillance, Repair, maintenance & overhaul of military equipment, Representation & project management, Sensors, Sighting systems, Simulation & training systems, Simulators, Special-purpose machinery and parts, Structural metal products, Surveillance systems, Systems engineering & consultancy, Target range systems, Training simulators, Vehicles & related equipment, Weapon maintenance & protection, Weapon Mounts & Overhead Weapon Systems, Weapon systems, accessories & ammunition, Weapons, ammunition and associated parts, Wire products,