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Valmet is a leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for many industries, including the maritime segment.

The company has been engaged in automation industry for more than 40 years and Valmet’s automation systems have been installed on board a large number of vessels. Automation solutions for cruise ships have been one of the very successful business areas. Valmet AS in Norway is the centre of excellence for Valmet’s marine automation business line. The company coordinates Valmet’s local expertise worldwide to expand the business and provide the best service for their customers.

Ship automation since the early 1980s

Ship automation systems based on Valmet technology have a long history. Development work on ship automation systems started in the early 1980s with Damatic Classic and has continued through to today’s Valmet DNA. The majority of installations have been for advanced ship types, such as cruise vessels.

Valmet DNA for high availability

In particular, reliability and high availability by redundancy features and high product quality have contributed to the success of Valmet’s automation systems.

Complete Integration and versatile tools

With Valmet DNA, fully integrated control, alarm and monitoring solutions for machinery, electric power production, cargo, air-conditioning plants etc. are available. Valmet DNA offers the users versatile tools to analyze the historical performance and status of the controlled and monitored machinery.

Emergency Shutdown System

Valmet is also offering Emergency Shutdown Systems for cruise ships and ferries. These are standalone systems based on the Valmet DNA technology platform.

Energy management

Valmet’s Energy Management System integrates with the Valmet DNA. It is a comprehensive tool that enables the crew to optimize the performance of machinery and systems, in the end saving fuel and providing sustainability.

Vibration based condition monitoring

Valmet DNA Machine Monitoring measures and analyses the mechanical condition and performance of rotating machinery units, based on vibration and other machine parameters. The online system enables 24/7 monitoring, thus providing the fastest possible way to act on problems and to secure safe sailing, protect assets and increase working environment safety.

Exhaust gas cleaning

Exhaust gas cleaning is another of the company’s products for the maritime industry. Valmet’s hybrid scrubber is a combination of open and closed loop scrubber, and it can operate in both modes. Sea water is used to wash the exhaust gas in open loop mode, and in closed loop mode the wash water is circulated and alkali added. In the special dual water hybrid mode the consumption of chemical, fresh water and electricity is optimized and the emissions from the ship can always be kept within regulatory limits in a cost efficient way. Valmet is the first company to introduce the dual water hybrid solution to the market.


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