Unitech Offshore AS
A turn key provider of subsea distribution systems
Control panels and control stations
Western Norway

UNITECH Offshore has been building reliable, high quality connection systems for subsea control systems for more than 25 years. UNITECH is currently in a significant phase of managed growth, expanding both in terms of capacity and its in-house competencies as well as expanding its global presence.

UNITECH’s core philosophy is “high reliability through low system complexity and high quality materials”. UNITECH has applied this philosophy to build up a complete product range covering all of the key components for subsea distribution systems including couplings, stab plates, termination assemblies, jumper assemblies and single stab connectors.

UNITECH is possibly best known for its unique range of stab plate solutions. In addition to the traditional “horizontal” make up plates, UNITECH offers two different stab plates with vertical docking. These are robust stab plates that are specifically designed with installation in mind. They allow for ease of installation, significantly reduced installation risk and complete flexibility of installation techniques.

Terminator Charlie is a cost effective variant that will cover most applications. Octopus is the name given to UNITECH’s complete distribution system.

The combination and unique range of components and equipment allows UNITECH to offer the apparently contradictory “tailor made turnkey” solutions that the industry demands. UNITECH’s knowledge and control of the different system components allow the company to effectively manage the key interfaces both from the point of view of technology, project execution and equipment manufacture. It is these very interfaces that frequently pose the biggest risk to subsea distribution systems.

UNITECH is certified NS-EN 9001:2000, and qualified in the Achilles Joint Qualification System.

Office Locations
In addition to the office in Bergen, UNITECH Offshore also has the following offices:
• UNITECH Services Stord, Norway
• UNITECH International Inc, Houston
• UNITECH Offshore Pte, LTD, Singapore
• UNITECH Germany GmbH

• Deep water subsea applications
• High pressure systems and components
• Quick connect engineering and products
• Intervention and control systems
• Offshore and site support services

Company Strengths
• Innovative technical solutions
• Robustness, reliability and simplicity in design
• Use of high-quality materials
• Exceptionally short product realization
• Quick response time


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Control panels & control stations, Electrical connectors - subsea, Electrical equipment & materials, Instrumentation / communication & process control equipment / materials, Marine diving & pipeline equipment, Pipes / tubes / hoses & fittings, ROV Tools & Accessories, ROVs

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Control panels & control stations
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