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Northern Norway

The Norwegian Fishermens Sales Organization

The Norwegian seafood industry is one of the country’s largest and most important export industries. The industry has a proud history and a fantastic future. The Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organization (Norges Råfisklag) is an important part of this success story. The organization handles important national functions within the trade of seafood, and works to safeguard fishermen’s incomes and contribute to a sustainable and profitable growth in the Norwegian fishing industry.


About the Organization

Norges Råfisklag is the fishermen’s own sales organization and it operates awell-functioning and modern marketplace for sustainable, wild-caught Norwegian seafood. The organization has a well developed service system and offers fishermen and buyers a number of services directly related to trading, sales, payments and quality assurance.

The organization organizes and arranges the sale of codfish, shellfish and molluscs landed along the Norwegian coast from Nordmøre in the southwest to Finnmark in the northeast. The most important species are cod, coalfish, haddock and shrimps/prawns. Fishing is carried out along the Norwegian coast, in the Barents Sea and around Spitsbergen. In 2018, approximately 157,000 catches from 6,200 fishing vessels with a total value of 12,7 billion NOK were sold to 200 seafood industries along the Norwegian coast. Most of these industries are also exporters.

Ensures Sustainable Use

An important premise of the organization is to ensure that the ocean’s resources are utilized in a sustainable manner and to achieve a profitable growth across the entire fishing industry. Ensuring the stability, predictability and security of the fishermen and the coastal communities is a social responsibility that the Norwegian Fishermen’s Sales Organization takes seriously.

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  • Finance
    Total revenue: 116.578
    Operating profit: 16.288
    Operating profit before tax: 176.158
    Total assets: 1.214.246
    Total equity:
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    General Manager:
    Svein Ove Haugland

    Board Chairman:
    Johnny Caspersen
    Rolf Guttorm Kristoffersen, Deputy

    Board Members:
    Egil Annfin Berge
    Einar Mortensen
    Arnstein Næss
    Hans Petter Rasmussen
    Holger Rune Pedersen
    Jimmy Tøllefsen
    Kjell-Otto Knoph
    Paul Oddgeir Jensen

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