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Teo Teknikk AS
Weighing equipment

Teo Teknikk was founded in 1985. Our first product, silage scales for the agricultural industry, was an instant success.

The industrial SK scales were then introduced and have now been in production for almost two decades. An efficient production line has been further improved over the years, allowing us a highly competitive position in the crowded scales market.

These days, Teo Teknikk’s highly qualified employees include calibration operators, welders, machining operators, tool-makers, mechanical engineers and innovators. Our diversity and flexibility are fully maintained.


With an average absence due to illness of 0.53% (2003-07), we here at Teo are proud of our working conditions. We also received a very positive review from the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority in 2005, with a focus on our handling of chemicals.

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  • Finance
    Total revenue: 13904
    Operating profit: 2292
    Operating profit before tax: 2156
    Total assets: 9164
    Total equity:
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Terje Obrestad

    General Manager:
    Even Obrestad Hægstad

    Cargo equipment, Cargo handling equipment & lifts, Instrument testing / calibration, Load testing, Miscellaneous mechanical equipment, Potato Equipment, Weighing equipment & accessories, Wire Equipment & Accessories,