Sotra Anchor & Chain
Anchor handling, mooring systems and deck machinery
Western Norway

Sotra Anchor & Chain AS
Anchors & chains for the aquaculture industry

Extreme holding power: Anchor type DRAG MX5 - a downscaled rig anchor for use in aquaculture moorings.

Sotra Anchor & Chain is known as the largest stockiest in the world of anchor & chains. The company has a vast stock of new mooring equipment for the aquaculture industry.

Sotra Anchor & Chain is located centrally outside of Bergen, along the Norwegian coast’s main shipping route.

The Company is part of the Sotra Group, which has supplied the aquaculture industry since 1980.

Moorings specialists

The aquaculture industry has come to rely on the high quality mooring equipment provided by Sotra Anchor & Chain.

The products supplied in aquaculture mooring systems consist of:

  • Ploughs and conventional anchors
  • Studless and studlink mooring chains
  • Long link alloy chains
  • Mooring shackles
  • Fiber Ropes
  • Connection plates
  • Mooring buoys

Certified moorings from stock

All mooring equipment provided by Sotra has certificates according to the Norwegian aquaculture standard NS-9415, to ensure that the customer can expect the best quality in every component. Mooring equipment can be delivered from stock with a 0-day delivery time from one of the company’s centrally located deep sea quays.

Mooring analysis

Sotra Anchor & Chain offers mooring analysis to simulate how the mooring system works in the conditions at any given location, to calculate and optimize components of the mooring systems.


International Yards

From its yards in Europe and the Far East, Sotra Anchor & Chain delivers its moorings to customers in Norway as well as those situated throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

Anchor & Chains for all markets

In addition to mooring equipment, Sotra Anchor & Chain has a great stock of anchors & chains for vessels and oil-rigs. All the equipment is provided with a class certificate by major class societies such as Det Norske Veritas, Lloyds Register of Shipping, and the American Bureau of Shipping etc.

North America
South America
South Asia
West Asia
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    Board Chairman:
    Bjørn Ove Børnes
    Sidsel Alice Vindenes

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    Kåre Bildøy
    Steinar Inge Sagstad
    Karl-Ove Vindenes

    General Manager:
    Jan Vindenes

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    Sotra Gruppen AS
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