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Sintef Energi AS
Energy Research

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  • Finance
    Total revenue: 488.682
    Operating profit: 32.588
    Operating profit before tax: 37.471
    Total assets: 604.92
    Total equity: 367.31
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Alexandra Bech Gjørv

    Board Members:
    Geir Egil Dahle Øien
    Gunnar Berg
    Kristin Lian
    Liv Monica B Stubholt
    Marte Fodstad
    Ragnhild A Katteland
    Svend Tollak Munkejord

    General Manager:
    Inge Røinaas Gran

    Subsidiary companies:
    Largest shareholders:
    apparatus, Cable, Cable fault indicators, Cable installation, Cables, Checking and testing apparatus, Communications control system, Communications equipment, Communications systems, Conductors, Consultancy & other services, Consultancy services, Control centre communications systems, Control systems, Dc / ac converters, Demand side management, derricks and pylons, Distribution, Distribution equipment, Electrical equipment, Electrical machinery, Electricity poles, Electricity power lines, Energy conservation services, equipment and consumables, Fault detectors, Fault location systems, Generation, Induction heating equipment, Installation equipment, Installation of cable laying, Instruments for measuring electrical quantities, Insulation & hardware, lattice masts, Liberalization/deregulation, Lines, Load forecasts, Machinery for the production and use of mechanical power, Masts poles & towers, Mechanical equipment, Networks, Operation & maintenance equipment, Operational & maintenance management systems, Power cable, Power converters, Power exchanges, Power market, Research & Development, Research and development services and related consultancy services, Research and experimental development services, Scada or equivalent system, Scada systems, Software, Test & measuring equipment, Test equipment, Towers, Transformers, Transmission, Transmission & distribution equipment, Turbines, Turbines and motors, Utility management, valves & governors,