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We are salmon specialists

We are salmon specialists

At Sekkingstad we believe that no detail is too small. We’re part of a broad value chain where each individual has their needs. Some are achievable and others challenging. We are specialists but also agile.

Our range of suppliers, factories and highly competent staff enable us to customize our products and services. We strive to do our best in fulfilling our customers’ needs whether it is related to the product, availability, transport etc.


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About the company
Age is experience

Sekkingstad is a family company with a long history and strong roots within production, sales and marketing of seafood.

Although Sekkingstad has reached a greatage, the company is still going strong. Konrad Sekkingstad started his business in 1923 as alocal fishmonger, buying products from localfishermen and selling locally caught lobster  and wild salmon.

100 years later Sekkingstad is proud to say «we still do the same». This heritage has been and continues to be important to the company. Today Sekkingstad is among the leading exporters and processors of its kind.

Its strong position as a quality producer in the market is a result of innovation and hard work down through the generations.

Quality in the details
Innovation, commitment and competence

Innovation, commitment and competence are key words in Sekkingstad history, and have made the company a leading supplier of high quality Norwegian salmon and trout.

Efficient logistics, quality certification, flexible processing lines and hands-on sales staff ensure that Sekkingstad´s customers get
the products they expect. The company´sown factory located together with its sales office means hands-on and efficient
communication, better quality control and more flexibility. Sekkingstad is known to be the salmon supplier specializing in niche production and customized deliveries. This has given the company a unique position in the market.

The havline method
Faster – Fresher

The havline method represents significant and valuable innovation at several levels beyond reduced «time to market».

Havline slaughter and gut salmon directly on a combined processing and transportation vessel. The vessel transports the gutted fish from the pen-site at the Norwegian west coast to a new state-of-the art terminal in Hirtshals, where grading and packing is performed. By doing so Sekkingstad increases shelf life and reduces the carbon footprint significantly. At the same time, the company safeguards the animal welfare, reduce the risk of escape and therefore prevent biological contamination.

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Sekkingstad, Havline
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