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Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Rolls-Royce is one of the largest international suppliers of marine technology, products and systems. The Rolls-Royce Marine division has 9,000 employees in 34 countries and serves both the naval and commercial sectors. The Marine division is largely based in Scandinavia.


A Force in Marine Solutions

Rolls-Royce Marine specializes in ship design and the design and delivery of propulsion, positioning, manoeuvring, motion control and ship’s systems. The company is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of marine propulsion systems, deck machinery and steering and stabilizing systems for the offshore, merchant and naval segments of the global marine market.


Ship Design & Ship’s Systems

The company places great emphasis on fulfilling customer requirements – often designing and developing vessels before customers request them – and creating innovations that anticipate future demands. Its UT and NVC series ship designs are built worldwide.


Rolls-Royce system solutions include fully integrated ship’s equipment systems in which the company provides designs and relevant documentation, delivery coordination, and guarantees of high quality and low lifecycle costs. It also offers a wide range of consultancy services, ranging from initial design to ship’s equipment supply and planned maintenance.




Rolls-Royce Product Range for the Marine Market

• Propulsion systems

• Diesel and gas engines

• Gas turbines

• CP and FP propellers

• Azimuth thrusters

• Tunnel thrusters

• Podded propulsors

• Reduction gears

• Deck machinery

• Bulk handling systems

• Fin stabilizers

• Tank stabilization systems

• Rotary vane steering gear

• Rudders

• Automation systems

• Dynamic position systems

• Ship design


Rolls-Royce supplies gas powered propulsion solutions that reduce emissions significantly. Compared to diesel engines that meet IMO Tier 2 emission levels, Bergen gas engines give E2 weighted emission reductions of 86% NOx, close to 30% in CO2 and virtually eliminate SOx and particulates, already meeting enforced and future IMO Tier 3 requirements. Rolls-Royce provides clean efficiency.

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    Georg Christian M Mäkinen

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    Jan Are Remme
    Alistair David Katsuhiko Mackenzie
    Asbjørn Nässelqvist Skaro
    Britt H Røyseth Aasen
    Helene Marie Rangnes
    Richard Philip Curtis
    Sverre Thorsø

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    Jan Are Remme

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