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Prototech AS
Design, manufacturing & testing of mechanical prototypes

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  • Finance
    Total revenues: 54.174
    Operating profit:4.924
    Operating profit before tax: 5.347
    Total assets: 37.951
    Total equity: 13.852
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Arvid Nøttveit

    Board Members:
    Arne Lid
    Sonia Faaland

    General Manager:
    Bernt Skeie

    Subsidiary companies:
    Largest shareholders:
    accounting and other professional services, Aerospace, Aerospace technology, apparatus, apparatus and associated products, appliances, Architectural, checking, Construction, Construction / modification / repair / maintenance services, construction and related technical consultancy services, Consultancy & other services, Design & engineering, Electrical machinery, Engineering, Engineering services, equipment, equipment and consumables, Fabricated products and materials, Floating or submersible drilling or production platforms, Floating structures, General-purpose machinery, Ground Support Test Systems, Instruments and appliances for measuring, legal, Machinery, Materials (advanced), Mechanical Analysis, Medical and laboratory devices, Miscellaneous general-purpose machinery, Missiles & components, optical and precision devices, pharmaceuticals and related medical consumables, Research & Development, Research and development consultancy services, Satellite components, Ships, Ships and boats, Special-purpose machinery and parts, Structures & Mechanical Systems, Subsea construction, testing and navigating, Transport equipment, Transport systems consultancy services, watches and clocks,