Western Norway

Polar Seafrozen AS

We are experts in frozen seafood!

Polar Seafrozen AS headoffice is located in Fosnavåg, south of Ålesund, with one branch office located in Esbjerg, Denmark. Our team have long experience within the fishing industry.

We offer a wide range of products for global customers from Norwegian and Faroese vessels. Our main products are: Atlantic cod, haddock, saithe, Greenland halibut, snow crab, catfish, Argentina shrimp, redfish, whelk, brown crab etc. Each week we deliver large amounts of seafood products to Europe, Asia and America.

Developing personal relationships with our clients are of vital importance to us when we do business in the long term, with support from our fishing vessels and partner plants, our goal is to become one of the most reliable suppliers in the seafood business.  We are customer service minded; our sales team is dedicated and dynamic, they understand the needs of the clients and make sure each delivery is on time.

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  • Finance
    Total revenues: 293315
    Operating profit : 4703
    Operating profit before tax: 3012
    Total assets: 39113
    Total equity: 11.664
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Arve Bjørn Moltubakk

    Board Members:
    Svein Asbjørn Gjelseth
    Anders-Per Måløy Vågsholm
    Bjørn Otterlei
    Ramona Beate Brandlistuen Remøy
    Chunling Wang

    General Manager:
    Bjørn Otterlei

    Subsidiary companies:
    Largest shareholders:
    Coalfish (Saithe), Cod, Fish, Fresh Fish, fresh or chilled, Frozen fish, Greenland Halibut, Haddock, Halibut (Flatfish), King Crab, Pollock, Redfish, Salmon & Trout, Tusk, Whitefish,