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Petro Online AS
Supplier of automation & it solutions for storage & distribution of petroleum products

PetroOnline AS is a leading supplier of automation and IT solutions for efficient storage and distribution of petroleum products (downstream). Based on in-depth knowledge of its customers’ value chain, the company supplies systems and services that contribute to safe and profitable operations.

Acella Terminal Automation System

In the Nordic region, PetroOnline is now the market leader with its Accella terminal automation system: a module-based software solution for automation, operation and administration of petroleum terminals and oil distribution. Accella provides management access to real-time information, and can be configured for individual terminals/depots or can provide a network-based solution for the central operation of regional, national and global terminal chains.

Accella is installed at more than 80 depots in the Nordic and Baltic countries, including Statoil depots in Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden and depots for different oil companies in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Accella – Terminal Automation System:


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Accella, Addotronic, Blendtech,
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