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Western Norway

Pelagia Hordafor AS
Supplier of high quality Salmon oil and protein

Pelagia Hordafor AS was established in 1983 and has since then played a leading role in utilizing the byproducts
from a growing aquaculture industry. Today by-products are collected along the whole
coast of Norway and are transported to the plant in Austevoll (west coast of Norway), where the
company’s products are processed. The sales department is situated in Denmark. High Standards of Freshness & Full Traceability Pelagia Hordafor concentrates its efforts on two products – liquid hydrolyzed salmon protein H-pro® and salmon oil H-oil®. These products are based exclusively on by-products from farmed salmon processed for human consumption, thereby guaranteeing very high
standards of freshness and full traceability.
A huge advantage in using this raw material to produce Pelagia Hordafor’s quality products: H-pro® and H-oil®.


Some of the characteristics and
features of H-pro® include:
• A highly valuable source
of protein in feed
o Highly palatable
o Highly digestible
o No antinutrients
o In trial with piglets it was
documented to give significant
better feed intake and growth
compared to soya protein
o Guaranteed Salmonella free

Technological advantages– pellet quality

o Significantly less dust
o Stronger and firmer pellets
o More and smaller pores leads
to increased oil absorption

• Peptides with potential
bioactive properties
related to:

o Immunomodulation
o Antimicrobial activity
o A positive impact on the
cardio system



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  • Finance
    Total revenues: 612 109
    Operating profit: 30683
    Operating profit before tax: 93825
    Total assets: 620695
    Total equity:
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Egil Magne Haugstad

    Board Members:
    Rolf Andersen
    Magnus Egil Strand
    Arne Myklebust
    Endre Sekse

    General Manager:
    Egil Magne Haugstad

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