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It all started back in 1907 when Petter E. Bjørdal opened up his own blacksmith workshop with wagon making as his speciality. The visionery Bjørdal expanded his business the following years with new products and quicly grew out of the premises. The company was handed down to his son in 1947, and he continued with the same forward thinking and specialized even more in the field of taylored steel. Today BJØRDAL is a solid and modern industry company with high capacity and high level of customization for specialized steel work. Our core areas are construction and assembly of complete buildings of steel and steel structures, as well as the design and delivery of complete factories both on and off shore.

Future-oriented operations

Regular investment and modernization of operations have led PE BJØRDAL AS to maintain a strong position in the market. In 2011, we underwent extensive renovation and rebuilding with, among other things, a new modern warehouse, restructuring of production facilities and simplification of material handling. In addition, a larger extension was established with special purification plants where acid treatment of stainless steel and lacquering can be carried out without releasing of pollutants. First quarter of 2018 we will have finished the next step of expansion resulting in a new work hall. This has led us to operate even more cost-effectively, meet all new environmental requirements and be well-equipped for the future.

Valuable employees

With a stable workforce by experienced and highly competent employees, we can efficiently and accurately perform varied and complex assignments. Through close customer collaboration, we plan, plan and implement the projects with optimal functionality as a result. A network of national and international subcontractors and partners that complement our offer – tailoring in steel!

One of our strengths is the ability to quickly change and adapt to customer requirements.

– another one being our quick response.

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