Nordlaks Produkter AS
Producer & processor of atlantic salmon & rainbow trout
Northern Norway
Nordlaks Produkter is one of Norway’s largest aquaculture corporations. Its main type of business is the production and processing of salmon and rainbow trout. Nordlaks is a fully integrated company which has control over the entire value chain, from the brood stock, roe, smolt, the production of finished products to distribution and sales. The company focuses strongly on the environment. Nordlaks’ goal is to have no parts of the fish wasted. Its biotech department where residual products from production are turned into healthy fish oils.

QualityNordlaks is concerned with quality in all parts of its operations. This begins in the sea. Clean Arctic water creates the best conditions for producing salmon and trout of the best kind. The company controls the whole process from ova and brood to slaughtering and production. Thorough control in all parts of its production ensures products of a high quality. In addition, the company is at the forefront when it comes to traceability and food hygiene. Through documenting the whole process, Nordlaks can trace its products from ova to the grocery store counter. In this way the company ensures that it delivers fish of high quality.
Nordlaks has worldwide exclusivity to apply the patented TRUFRESH® freezing technology in salmon processing. The TRUFRESH® technique preserves the quality of the product as it was at the time of freezing. When thawed, the salmon presents itself as fresh.

The IceBerg™ Freezing Technology has been developed by Nordlaks. In the technique fish are frozen in a spiral freezer. Through keeping the temperature very low, it only takes between three to four hours to freeze an entire fish. The quick freezing time to a great degree hinders the formation of complex ice crystals in the muscle tissues of the fish. This greatly limits the loss of water at the time of thawing. This preserves the quality characteristics and the fish meat maintains an excellent consistency. With this technology between five and seven tonnes of fish can be frozen in an hour.

In its biotech department Nordlaks produces salmon oil, trout oil and cod liver oil. The company’s oil contains a very high level of quality and approved for human consumption. It takes a maximum of 75 minutes from slaughtering to finished product for Nordlaks to produce oil. This makes for a very fresh product that avoids becoming rancid.
Nordlaks’ cod liver oil is quite suitable both as a high quality oil as well as an additive in foods. Salmon and trout oil goes partly into food supplements and partly into the feed industry.


The World’s Largest Fish Carriers
In November 2001 the fish carrier Bjørg Pauline was delivered to Nordlaks from Vaagland Båtbyggeri AS. This is the world’s largest fish carrier and it can transport up to 400 tonnes of fish. The carrier is used for transporting living fish from the company’s breeding facility to the slaughterhouse.

The Bjørg Pauline can operate with its plant closed if necessary. The automatic replacement of water and air makes it possible to transport fish considerably longer than previously. The boat has its own sorting facility. UV treatment of the water eliminates all parasites


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