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Norconsult is Norway’s largest and one of the leading multidisciplinary consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Their services are geared towards community planning and design, and we have become a leading player both nationally and internationally.With innovative and targeted advice, we contribute to a sustainable and healthy community. They are engaged in all aspects of development, from initial concepts to master plans, engineering and operational support.

Annually, they perform thousands of projects for public and private clients both home and abroad.

Owned by its employees, which has a special impact on the spirit of the company and the passion people bring to work. It also impacts their clients’ experience with interacting with their consultants. They can advise them independently, free from the influence of external shareholders.


Norconsult has worked on international projects in more than 150 countries over the past 50 years. They are both a sought-after partner for Norwegian companies abroad, as well as for local companies where they have a presence.

They focus especially on selected markets in South America, southern Africa and South-East Asia, where they have established local offices. In addition, they establish project offices in other locations when required, and are also constantly considering the establishment of more offices in new regions.

A cornerstone of international activities is having local presence in priority markets. Norconsult has local staff present in all its areas, and build local organizations, in combination with expertise from Norway.

Although Norconsult as a company offers a complete range of services, they focus on certain services internationally:


Norconsult is one of the leading consulting engineering companies in power generation, energy supply and water resources planning with 80 years of experience in Norway and 50 years of international operations.


Oil and Gas

Oil and gas projects require a high degree of multidisciplinary services, large capacity and sound experience from the execution of high complexity projects, involving many parties and tight schedules. Experience, expertise and multi-discipline understanding during the design phase as well as thorough knowledge of contracts, planning and site execution are vital in order to carry out a successful project.

Norconsult has acquired such competencies over many years.


Rock engineering and engineering geology

Norway is a mountainous country, and Norwegians have learned to live with the landscape, as well as making the most advantageous use of its characteristics. Norconsult’s expertise regarding the utilisation of underground space is well known, both at home and abroad, and they are in the forefront of developing the “Underground Solution”.



Norconsult is currently one of the foremost companies carrying out planning and design of transportation projects in Norway. Simultaneously, our international experience within the transportation sector is substantial.

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  • Finance
    Operating income: 3.732.547
    Operating profit: 306.897
    Operating profit before tax: 310.705
    Total assets: 2.304.746
    Total equity:
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Roar Engeland

    Board Members:
    Harald Trosvik
    Idunn Helen Kirkreit
    Michelle Skogrand Wright
    Nils Morten Huseby
    Olaf Bøckmann
    Ole Fossen
    Vegard Jacobsen
    Isaak Elias Skjeseth Bashevkin

    General Manager:
    Per Kristian Jacobsen

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