Western Norway

Njardar AS
Salted & smoked herring, mackerel & salmon

Njardars well-known cases of Noruego and Polar.

Established in 1979, Njardar became a joint stock company (AS) in 1995. The company is ideally situated on the west coast of Norway, near one of the best fishing grounds for cod, herring and mackerel. Njardar AS specializes in the production of salted herring and mackerel, smoked herring and mackerel, herring products and clipfish (dried, salted cod).

Traditional Family Business
Njardar’s holding company, Knut Nærø Sild og Fiskeforretning, is a family business, now in its fourth generation. The company started producing cod liver oil and clipfish in 1901, and opened its first smokehouse in 1927. Njardar’s fish products are made according to the traditional methods of its holding company.

Slowfood Presidia Products
• Golden-Smoked Herring
• Silver-Cured Herring
• Hard-Cured Herring Negro

Herring has a long tradition in Norway. Herring bones from 600 AD have been found in settlements along the coast of Norway. Later sources give an indication of how important herring was – the Pope gave a dispensation from a fishing ban on Sundays in the 11th century and Magnus Lagabøtes had detailed directions for herring fishing in the 12th century.

All herring that is to be smoked is first salted. The golden-smoked herring is hung when wet in a drying and smoking room. The smoking process takes 6–7 days. The silver-cured herring is smoked with the finest ingredients – namely, alder tree logs. The fish is dried and smoked at the same time, and the entire process lasts 2–3 days. The Hard Cured Negro process takes 10–12 days.

Slowfood’s founder, Carlo Petrini, thanks Ingebjørg Lyster and her pupils of Herøy vgs for an excellent food serving.

Approved Producer
Njardar has been approved by Norsk Tradisjonsfisk to produce herring according to traditional conservation methods.

Export Markets
Njardar’s main export markets are:
• The Mediterranean countries
• The West Indies
• North and South America
• EU contries
• Australia
• The Persian Gulf States

In addition to its own products, Njardar AS also exports fish and fish products for other Norwegian companies.

Njardar’s products include:
• Smoked herring and mackerel
• Smoked herring and mackerel fillets
• Smoked Salmon Traditional
• Salted herring and mackerel
• Clipfish (dried, salted cod)
• Salted herring and mackerel fillets
• Wet-salted cod and cod fillets

Brand Names
Njardar produces fish products under the following brand names:
• ATCO 1907
• Borealis
• El Noruego
• Neptun


North America
South America
South Asia
West Asia
  • Finance
    Operating income: 582
    Operating profit: 515
    Operating profit before tax: 515
    Total assets: 1.66
    Total equity: 166
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Jan Agnar Nærø

    General Manager:
    Jan Agnar Nærø

    Subsidiary companies:
    Largest shareholders:
  • Trademarks
    Cod, Cured & Marinated Fish, Dried & Salted Fish (Klippfish), Dried and Wet salted fish, Dried or salted fish; fish in brine; smoked fish, Fish Products, Haddock, Herring, Pelagic, Prepared and preserved fish, Salted fish, Smoked fish, Smoked herring, Whitefish,