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International approval


Do you want to reach the world with your products and reduce time to market? Use Nemko Direct – the international approval programme – to make sure  you get access to all the relevant international markets.


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Show the world that your products are safe and of a high quality. Use Nemko’s certification services to demonstrate compliance with relevant industry and regulatory requirements. 


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                        Product testing


As a supplier of world class products, you  need to partner up with a world class supplier of testing services. Let Nemko’s internationally accredited organisation of experts and labs make sure that risk and safety are well taken care of.


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Nemko Services Dedicated and competent people that understand your needs


Nemko’s main asset is our global network:

  • 24 locations in 4 continents
  • Offering market access service in over 150 countries worldwide
  • 5300 customers located in 61 countries worldwide
  • More than 21,000 orders for certificates and tests (2009)
  • Continuous focus on expanding the number of locations and updating laboratory equipment
  • Rapid expansion of the number of authorized partner labs worldwide


Nemko has long experience in Testing and Certification. Their process can help you reach the market faster. They can explain the certification process so that you have that in mind when you undertake your product development. They will then send skilled engineers to look at your product with fresh eyes to reduce any problems which may occur.


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