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Kyma has supplied the marine industry with accurate and reliable ship performance systems since the early 1970s. With installations on more than 3,000 vessels worldwide, Kyma is today among the leading suppliers within this kind of technology.

Kyma as delivers systems for ship performance monitoring, which are listed below.

Kyma Shaft Power Meter (KPM-P)
This instrument provides continuous measurements of torque, power and revolutions on rotating propeller shaft, using strain gauge technology. Optional equipment is available for the measurement of propeller thrust. If the instrument is connected to the sensor for fuel and speed, additional data as fuel consumption and ship efficiency can be presented on the display unit for the shaft power meter.

Kyma Test Power Meter
Kyma Test Power Meter is a light weight portable instrument for temporary installation on propeller shafts. The measuring principle is based on the same well proven strain gauge technology as applied for the permanent type Kyma Shaft Power Meters.

Kyma Diesel Analyzer (KDA)
Kyma Diesel Analyzer is a computer-based system for the monitoring of cylinder and fuel injection pressures on diesel engines. The information from the system can be used for tuning of engine balance, tuning of ignition timing, checking of cylinder overload, checking of cylinder wear as well as maintenance planning.

Kyma Ship Performance (KSP)
This system is an online performance monitoring PC system for continuous information about the ship performance. The information from the system is based on inputs from sensors as shaft power meter, fuel meter, speed log, GPS and wind speed/direction indicator. Kyma Ship Performance is the most sophisticated solution for overall vessel performance monitoring.

Kyma Steam Analyzer (KSA)
A special software program for detailed analysis of marine steam turbine plant can be delivered for LNGC- and other ships with steam turbine propulsion machinery. The program is called Kyma Steam Analyzer (KSA).

The KSA program can handle combustion calculations for dual fuel operation of the boilers, calculate physical properties of steam and water in any location in the steam plant, calculate the efficiencies of all major components and present a complete heat and mass balance for the steam plant for any condition.

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