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Jotne EPM Technology (EPMT) is a member of the Jotne Group, specializing in information technology. Since 1990 the company has developed database solutions to handle standards such as ISO 10303 STEP, PLCS, etc. These are open specifications with public availability used among others by aerospace, space and defense related industries to manage information about complex systems. Jotne employs about 250 people. Its IT products are used by clients all over the world, including the US Department of Defence, the European Space Agency and leading aerospace/defence/space contractors.
Over the years, EPMT has worked closely with some of the most advanced aerospace and defense projects in the world, including the MODs, EADS, Lockheed Martin, SAAB, Boeing, etc. EPMT has proved itself to be trustworthy and capable. Recent contracts at ESA will utilize the EPMT EXPRESS Data Manager™ server as the heart of ESA’s innovative Concurrent Design Facility (CDF). The CDF is used for the design of cutting-edge space projects. It allows the various system engineers to work simultaneously to optimize the spacecraft integration and development.
The suite of products, called EXPRESS Data Manager™ (EDM), is designed to meet the needs of engineering, manufacturing and operating enterprises for the purpose of accurately and reliably exchanging and sharing technical data about products with colleagues, customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and other business partners and for archiving product data.
EDM products ensure that the data is stored, available and usable for the life of the product and beyond regardless of the proprietary hardware or software system being used. Products from Jotne EPM Technology can be used for:
• Data modelling and database management
• Application development
• Data sharing
• Open-format data exchange
• Data quality assurance
• Long-term data archiving

EPMT products are used worldwide to facilitate cost-effective business practices ranging from concurrent engineering to product life cycle management to electronic commerce.

The picture to the right is taken at the ESA Concurrent Design Facility (CDF).


EPMT’s EXPRESS Data Manager™ is among the new generation of archiving and long-term data retention solutions. The picture above shows how CAD/PLM and logistics data is managed for the Eurofighter aircraft.


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