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John Gjerde AS, specialists in Maritime Tank Venting Technique

specialists in maritime tank venting technique

Since the establishment of John Gjerde AS in 1971, the company has designed, manufactured and marketed high quality tank venting equipment for the shipbuilding industry.

New Lightweight Aluminium Tank Vent Check Valve

John Gjerde AS, a specialist in maritime tank venting technique in Sunnmøre Norway, has added a new and innovative product to its wide range of products for the ventilation of service tanks such as, for example, ballast, stabilization, fuel, lubrication oil, mud, cement and fresh water tanks, which can be found on all floating constructions.

Due to demand in the market for smaller and lighter valves as the space on decks is becoming more and more important for shipowners/oil and gas companies and environmental issues leading to a lower total weight of vessels, which lead to the possibility of the use of smaller engines, John Gjerde AS has developed a new small and lightweight aluminium tank vent check valve.

The present generation of offshore vessels, oil rigs and FPSOs are designed to maximize working decks because most owners are paid by the square metre for working deck available for their clients. Cargo rails are getting smaller, tank shapes are changing and there is an increase in incidents due to capacity difficulties with tank vent check valves in general which leads to severe damages on the constructions.

John Gjerde AS, knowing about all of the difficulties involved, has tested all its products in its own testing and research department in Gjerdsvika, Norway. As always, the company JG does not compromise or jeopardize safety, the good working processes and quality of its products.

Special Testing Facilities

Thanks to the special testing facilities, which have been specially built by John Gjerde in cooperation with NTNU in Trondheim, the company was able to enlarge the air capacity in the tank vent check valves to a new level. Looking at the average capacity of other tank vent check valves in the market, the company has managed to create the new and even smaller HIDE aluminium valve with a capacity which is ten times as big. Tests onboard different types of vessels and oil rigs have shown that problems such as suction blocking, banging and braking floaters, damaged tanks and sleepless nights for the crew are now history with the HIDE valves.

Located in the Heart of the Sunnmøre Maritime Cluster

As many other sub suppliers for the maritime and oil and gas industry, John Gjerde is located in the heart of the maritime cluster in Sunnmøre. The important exchange of information between shipowner, ship designer and ship builder is unique in the world. This cooperation has lead to many high tech and special designs which are famous all around the world. Many of the Norwegian shipowners and shipyards have chosen to have the new aluminium HIDE tank vent check valve as the standard for their high quality vessels.

New Electrical Heating System for Arctic Conditions

With the upcoming interest in a new sailing route north of Russia, the request for ice class vessels is increased. Oil and gas companies as well as ship owners see the economic value of the availability of oil near the North Pole and the new cargo routes.

With the introduction of the new HIDE aluminium valve, John Gjerde has also launched a new electrical heating system for Arctic conditions. The system works dependably and up to temperatures of minus 40-50 degrees Celsius. The heating system can also be added later which is unique in the field of tank vent check valves.

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