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Jacobsen Elektro AS

Jacobsen Elektro AS is an EPC contractor with more than 100 years of electrification experience in Norway, a complete supplier from power plants to distribution and metering systems. Jacobsen Elektro Holding is the owner of Jacobsen Elektro AS and Jelco AS, with subsidiaries in several countries around the world with a well organized network of agents and representatives in addition to project offices. Jelco AS sells electricity to local utilities by means of wholly or partly power plant ownership and operation, also operating and maintaining power plants and related industry activities on behalf of other owners.

Main Products

Main products include renewable and traditional thermal power plants and turn-key substation projects, including mobile substations and metering systems with a particular expertise in power system protection and system analysis. During the last two decades the company’s experience has mainly been used in developing countries in Asia and Africa as a turn-key contractor.

Project Financing

In the majority of projects, Jacobsen arranges financing together with the customer. Whatever the clients’ needs are in respect of loans and/or guarantees, Jacobsen relies on a strong global network and vast experience to find the optimal solutions.



Training is important to improve safety and efficiency in power utilities. A wide range of manufacturer independent training modules and procedures in protection coordination and maintenance are applied to improve performance.

Service Department

Jacobsen’s experienced service team performs installations, testing, maintenance and commissioning of components in the power system with particular expertise in protection and control systems.


A few examples of Jacobsen Elektro’s work include:

• 40MW gas engine power plant in Indonesia
• 185MW dual fuel gas turbine power plant in Tanzania
• 150MW dual fuel gas turbine power plant in Tanzania
• 220/132 kV substation, 8 km double circuit 220 kV and 3 km single circuit 132 kV transmission lines with OPGW in Tanzania
• 100MW natural gas turbine power plant in Tanzania
• 39MW thermal power plant in Vietnam
• 50MW thermal power plant in Uganda
• Refurbishment of 400/220kV substation in Romania
• Utility administration and institutional development in Timor-Leste and Equatorial Guinea
• Power system analysis and protection coordination in Norway and Mozambique
• Meter installations in Timor-Leste

North America
South America
South Asia
West Asia
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    Total assets: 801.011
    Total equity: 140.191
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    Board Chairman:
    Johan Svendsen

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    Clas-Eirik Strand

    General Manager:
    Geir Gjersdal

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