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The Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Norway’s leading international energy research institute, carries out market- and technology-driven activities. Established in 1948, the Institute has a staff of 600, and an annual turnover of some USD 140 million. IFE has customers in more than 30 countries and collaborates with oil and energy companies worldwide.


Sun, wind and hydrogen will provide the world with renewable energy in the future. The energy is already there, but is not being utilized well enough. IFE is working to change that.



Oil and gas transportation from pipelines offshore to onshore can be challenging. The pipelines can rust, and the development of the “black gold” is not environmentally friendly enough.




The earth population is growing and more and more countries are becoming wealthy. The need for energy with low or no CO2- emissions are growing rapidly. Many countries see nuclear power as a way to secure enough energy and reduce CO2- emissions.




1 – 2 percent of the population in Norway are examined every year with radiopharmaceutical methods. Radioactive drugs are used in these examinations to see into the body and detect e.g. cancer. IFE has been working with radioactive material since the 1950s, and has unique expertise in this area.



Being aware of human capabilities and limitations is vital for the safety in control rooms. IFE researchers are studying factors that influence human reliability and ability to cope with unexpected events.




New materials give possibilities to progress and new technology. The key to solving the global energy and climate challenges is to develop materials with new qualities. IFE has been working with radioactive material since the 1950s, and has unique expertise in this area.

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    Operating income: 942.715
    Operating profit: -24.143
    Operating profit before tax: -25.644
    Total assets: 562.102
    Total equity: 270.598
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    Board Chairman:
    Olav Fjell

    Board Members:
    Anne Marit Harris
    Camilla Tveiten Engeland
    Christian Magnus Hartmann
    Jo Døhl
    Johan Einar Hustad
    Kerstin Elisabet Dahlgren Persson
    Monica Guldhaugen
    Terje Bodal

    General Manager:
    Nils Morten Huseby

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