Eastern Norway

Hydema AS
Deck equipment for Aquaculture and fishing industy!

Hydema AS’ customers include coastal fisheries and fish farmers, in addition to boat builders and yards worldwide. The company offers a comprehensive product line designed to automate and improve the general working conditions for fish farmers and coastal fisheries. Hydema’s systems are customized for special requirements – fish farming blocks, net-haulers, power blocks, capstans, net cleaners, line haulers, tensions rollers and hydraulic winches.


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  • Finance
    Operating income: 21 661
    Operating profit: 1.709
    Operating profit before tax: 1.551
    Total assets: 18.804
    Total equity:
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Sigve Skimmeland

    Board Members:
    Christer Puntervold
    Gunnvor Margrethe Aase
    Kent Arild Sola

    General Manager:
    Viktor Korneliussen

    Subsidiary companies:
    Largest shareholders:
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    accounting and other professional services, apparatus and associated products, appliances, Architectural, Construction, Engineering, equipment, Fabricated products and materials, General-purpose machinery, legal, Lifting and handling equipment, Lifting and handling equipment and parts, Machinery, Machinery for the production and use of mechanical power, Metal structures and parts of structures, Miscellaneous business and business-related services, Miscellaneous general-purpose machinery, Natural gas, Products & equipment, Pumps and compressors, Ships and boats, Special-purpose machinery and parts, Specialty design services, Structural metal products, Transport equipment,