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HTS Dynamics is a world leading build to print manufacturing company providing critical machining, welding and assembly services for the subsea technology industry.
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HTS Dynamics is a world leading build to print manufacturing company providing critical machining, welding and assembly services for the subsea technology industry.


Our mission:

Shaping the Norwegian industrial adventure through people, planet and technology.



For 40 years we have delivered built to print, critical machining services to the industry’s most demanding customers. This has given us a deep insight in customer demands, needs and expectations, and over the years we have grown accustomed to regularly exceed those expectations.


Today, we deliver the world’s most innovative turning, milling and inspection services from our cloud connected smart factory in Drammen, Norway. We have specialized in high volume precision machining in smaller dimensions and advanced materials, such as Inconel 625, Super Duplex, Nitronic 50 and 316. Due to our unique track record, we are comfortable in saying that we truly are the tip of the spear of machining companies.


Our Concept

Groundbreaking build to print machining, welding, and assembling of critical mechanical components in smaller dimensions and advanced materials to the subsea technology industry.




Our Philosophy

We believe a strong purpose and a great working environment is key for great results. That’s why we at HTS Dynamics invest heavily in human capital, and in our journey to become the best workplace in Norway. By recruiting talents who share our purpose, values, and beliefs, we secure a strong link to our mission – to shape the Norwegian Industrial Adventure.




Sustainable manufacturing

At HTS Dynamics, we embrace sustainability and believe having a low CO₂ footprint is a competitive advantage. That is why all power consumption at HTS Dynamics comes from renewable energy, providing our customers with a guaranteed low CO₂ footprint from their supply chain. In addition, by being a smart factory, we can provide our customers with documented power consumption and CO₂ emissions related to each sales order.



Industry 4.0

HTS Dynamics is a fully cloud connected smart factory with a high level of automated manufacturing, making us a frontrunner within Industry 4.0 manufacturing




We love automation. That is why we have a robot density over 15 times higher than the global manufacturing average, and why we can offer highly competitive terms while being located in a high-cost country as Norway. AT HTS Dynamics we embrace the concept of automation in order to decrease cost, increase capacity and increase creativity.




Our machine park and other critical equipment, are all fully cloud connected and monitored through the Industry 4.0 dashboard “Upkip”. The solution is integrated with our ERP/MES system enabling us to compare planned vs. actual production data, analyze deviations, and handle any potential waste and bottlenecks before they materialize. Working seamlessly together with robotics, automated notifications are sent to operators if needed to ensure productions is not only automated but monitored and controlled. Design by ICB Digital and HTS Dynamics.


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Fine tolerances, Inconel, Serial producion, Smal-bore welding, Subsea, Tough materials, Underwater technology, Welding

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