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Hofseth International AS
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Hofseth International AS consists of three main processing facilities. The first one is Hofseth AS in Syvde specializing in the production of salmon and trout. The main products are fillets, portions, retail ready packs (IVP and bagged) both fresh and frozen. The second facility is Seafood Farmers of Norway AS which offers a wide variety of smoked products (traditional hot and cold smoked as well as gravlax and marinated) and various forms of fresh airborne fillet and portions. The combination of knowledge, experience and a global network makes Hofseth International AS an attractive partner in the Norwegian seafood industry. The company markets its finished products in more than 20 countries around the world.


Hofseth International AS offers a wide selection of seafood products based on Norwegian raw materials. Products are offered in either standardized form or custom packaged based on customer’s specification and needs. The company places a great deal of pride in having an expansive base of knowledge so that its customers will always feel secure with the products they buy. Hofseth International AS produces mainly finished products consisting of salmon and trout.




In order to ensure that the company’s products always meet the highest quality level, Hofseth International AS maintains BRC ratings for both processing facilities. This ensures that the company not only deliver the highest quality, but also provides full traceability and food safety.



  • Salmon and trout fillets, portions (both fresh and frozen)
  • Cold smoked hot smoked and gravlax salmon
  • Packaging includes IVP, vacuum packed, retail ready (boxes and bags) as well as fresh airborne cartons

The company is constantly developing new and convenient products for its customers.

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  • Finance
    Total revenues: 42226
    Operating profit : -10 335
    Operating profit before tax: 20733
    Total assets: 1545929
    Total equity:
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Kåre Johan Holte

    Board Members:
    Ola Holen
    Roger Hofseth

    General Manager:
    Roger Hofseth

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    fresh or chilled, Salmon,