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Hatteland Technology AS is a global technology partner for system integrators within a wide range of industries. Our goal is to provide one stop shop technology solutions. tailored to our customers value chain. Our offering includes solutions within displays, panel PCs, industrial computing, networks, camera & surveillance and software. Hatteland Technology’s Mission is to enabling industrial innovation by providing safe access to the latest available technologies. 

Hatteland Technology deliver solutions within a wide range of markets

  • Marine & offshore
  • Industrial automation
  • Naval & defence
  • Medical
  • Transportation
  • High security & retail

With more than 30 years of experience, a worldwide service network, a broad and extensive product
catalog and web shop, combined with our wide expertise and dedicated focus on quality,
innovation and future-proof technology, we strive to be at the forefront of
development in our markets!

Hatteland Technology is a one-stop-shop for technology solutions,
working closely with system integrators and serving as a dedicated, skilled and
trusted partner that enable end costumers to focus on their core business.

We aim to be a stable supplier in a rapidly changing market,
offering back-compatibility for up to 20 years for certain systems and
providing world-class longevity and life cycle management.

Hatteland Technology is the result of a merger in 2019 between the sister companies Hatteland Display and Elektronix.

Hatteland Technology is fully owned by EMBRON Group AS. Embron Group consists of the following companies: Noraturon, Hatteland Technology, guardREC and QRTECH. Embron is one of the largest IT and technology companies in Norway and has 17 offices in 9 countries.

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  • Finance
    Total revenues: 525 188
    Operating profit: 45 128
    Operating profit before tax: 41 498
    Total assets: 317 427
    Total equity:
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Trygve Christian Moe

    Board Members:
    Jørgen Cato Broch
    Mette K. Janitz
    Jan Patrik Sahlsten
    Liv Vatnedal

    General Manager:
    Lars G. Skjelbred-Eriksen

  • Trademarks
    Alarm, Automation systems, Bridge control & navigation systems, Electronic Chart System, Industrial Monitors, Integrated bridge systems, Marine equipment, Maritime, Monitoring & Control Systems, Navigation & positioning equipment & systems, Navigation equipment, Radar, Radar systems, Ship's Equipment,