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Hatteland Display AS
Leading provider of Display, Panel Computers and Computer products

Hatteland Display AS is the leading technology provider of specialized display and computer products, delivering high quality, unique and customized solutions to the international maritime and industrial markets.


The company represents innovation and quality to the system integrators world wide. Effective quality assurance and investment in sophisticated in-house manufacturing methods and facilities enable us to deliver Type Approved and Mil tested products.

Our customer oriented approach, technical knowledge and dedication to R&D, make us a trusted and preferred supplier of approved solutions, which are backed up by a strong service network.


Hatteland Display’s history dates back to 1989, with the creation of Jakob Hatteland Instrument within the Hatteland Group. The company worked early with large system integrators such as Kongsberg Maritime, for the development of robust displays/monitors that could withstand harsh environments. The company has type approved products since 1995, when passing the first product EN60945 test. In 1998 the company introduced the first night vision screens. In 2000, the company name changed to Jakob Hatteland Display.

In 2001 the company was the first to offer IMO ARPA custom display in 23.1 “size. In 2002 the company opened sales offices in Germany. Little by little, the company started to manufacture computers, and in 2005 the computer production was officially established. That same year, the company opened new production facilities in Nedre Vats.

In 2004, sales offices opened in the United States. In 2005, the Series 2 display range specially adapted to yachts and leisure markets was introduced. In 2006, the sales office in France was opened, and the opening of the production plant No. 2 in Nedre Vats for Optical Bonding took place. In 2007 the company name changed to Hatteland Display. The company was the same year sold out of the Hatteland Group and purchased by Herkules Capital.

In 2010, ECDIS/color table storage/calibration/accredited by DNV and TEMPEST product/EN60945, approved by NSM (Norsk Sikkerhetsmyndighet) for production.


In 2012/2013, introduction and launch of the Series X product range with Multitouch and Multi-power technology. Sizes from 7 to 27 inch, available as Displays and Panel Computers, with additional sizes introduced in 2016 (32 and 55 inch 4K UHD Displays).


In 2016 the 55” Ultra High Definition Chart and Planning table passes Type Approval testing, which is the most advanced maritime display system ever produced enables Integrated Bridge System manufacturers to develop new multi-data solutions.

Integrating the cutting-edge of flat panel technology, the clarity, colour range and size of Hatteland Display’s flagship Multi Vision Display system is a key enabler of safer navigation and future maritime bridge design.

The concept of a large 4K resolution Chart & Planning table was born out of a realisation that maritime display technology evolution is vital to improving the effectiveness of modern bridge systems. As a 55” display, it provides the size needed to integrate system data in a single display, enabling Integrated Bridge System (IBS) and navigation technology manufacturers to combine multiple data from ship systems into a single, user-friendly system. Crucially the 4K resolution ensures that multiple data types can be easily viewed under all conditions.

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    Trond K Johannessen

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