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Eastern Norway

Hansen Protection AS
Dry & comfortable work wear for the maritime industries

We develop, design and manufacture both standard and tailor-made hi-tech textile products for various sectors.

We have more than 100 years of experience in manufacturing protective clothing and life jackets for seafarers. Our teams have been designing, developing and making rescue and survival suits for the North Sea Oil Industry since 1976.

In addition, our activities include canopies for leisure boats, as well as products for industrial and agricultural applications and the health sector. We are also a major supplier to the Royal Norwegian Navy

Whatever the reason to be out at sea… We’ve got a suit!

Safety and functionality

Hansen Protection is the market leader and manufacturer of immersion suits.  All suits aretested and approved according to the most stringent national and international standards. The company places great emphasis on innovation and development and push the boundaries at the leading edge of design, ergonomics, materials and suitability for purpose.

Hansen Protection develops and refines different types of suits in close collaboration with specific user groups to ensure optimal design and performance. Functionality is particularly important. The company´s unique approach to customization and extensive service network makes it the preferred partner.

Triple approved

Hansen Protection´s high-tech SeaWind suit iscertified by SOLAS, ISO and EASA. As such it is approved for most of the most demanding work situations imaginable. No other survival suit can match its suitability for such a wide range of applications.

Emergency Breathing Systems

Hansen Protection has two Emergency Breathing Systems. One manual and one automatic. Both systems can be supplied with Hansen Protection´s range of SeaAir survival suits. The company´s manual Emergency Breathing System is classified as a “rebreather”. It is connected to an integrated inflatable lung and one breathes through a mouthpiece and “reuses” one’s own air. Hansen Protection set a new standard for automatic Emergency Breathing Systems when it launched SeaAir EBS.
Suitable for use in extreme cold, being able to start breathing whilst still under water, a unique nose clip and other features make this one of the best automatic solutions on the market.

Personal EPIRB

(Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon)
Our HPL EPIRB is specifically designed for helicopter transport passengers wearing our emergency immersion suits. The device is integrated in the suits to facilitate quick and easy localization. The emergency distress location signal is activated automatically when the wearer ends up in the sea.


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    Total revenues: 359000
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    Operating profit before tax: 49000
    Total assets: 1090000
    Total equity: 827000
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  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Terje Gorm Hansen

    Board Members:
    Carine Engen
    Dag Lund
    Jan Tommy Andersen
    Ruth Yvonne Eimot

    General Manager:
    Terje Gorm Hansen

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