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Export Credit Norway
Export Credit Norway offers competitive export financing

Export Credit Norway offers competitive export financing

Export Credit Norway help Norwegian exporters to succeed abroad.

Export Credit Norway AS is a state-owned limited liability company established to manage the Norwegian government supported export financing scheme. We help Norwegian exporters realize their potential in Norway and abroad. We do this by offering Norwegian and foreign companies competitive export financing when buying capital goods and services from Norwegian exporters.

When a Norwegian exporter is selling goods or services to a company, the exporter on behalf of the buyer, or the buyer itself, can apply for export financing. If the project meets the loan requirements, the loan will be disbursed to the exporter at time of delivery of the goods or services. The buyer will then repay the loan to Export Credit Norway.

Export Credit Norway finance export contracts ranging in value from a few million to several billion Norwegian krone, across sectors and worldwide.


Export Credit Norway provide financing solutions to small and large businesses around the world:


Export Credit Norway provides financing on competitive terms:


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