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Eastern Norway

Elkem AS
Supplier of microsilica for building materials

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West Asia
  • Finance
    Operating income: 7.176.549
    Operating profit: 333.283
    Operating profit before tax: 356.537
    Total assets: 11.487.519
    Total equity: 4.420.777
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Michael König

    Board Members:
    Anja Isabel Dotzenrath
    Caroline C Juliette Mazza
    Dag Jakob Opedal
    De C T Oliver L Tillette
    Guihua Pei
    Marianne Færøyvik
    Terje Andre Hanssen

    General Manager:
    Helge Aasen

    Subsidiary companies:
    Largest shareholders:
  • Trademarks
    Ceraforte, Ceramite, Elkem Solar Silicon, Microsilica, Microwhite, Sidistar, Silgrain,
Ceraforte, Ceramite, Elkem Solar Silicon, Microsilica, Microwhite, Sidistar, Silgrain,
    Air pollution, Aluminium and products thereof, Aluminium products, Base metals clad with silver or gold, Basic inorganic chemicals, Basic metals and associated products, Body & Structural Parts, Body-repair services for vehicles, Chemical and fertiliser minerals, chemical products and man-made fibres, Chemicals, Consultancy, Environmental assessment & management, Ferro-alloys, Food, Industrial Metal Products, Iron and steel products, Management holdings services, Metal Goods & Constructions, Metal structures and parts of structures, Metals clad with precious metals, Miscellaneous inorganic chemicals, Non-ferrous metal products, Nutrition Supplements, Parts and accessories for vehicles and their engines, Pollution-control services, Prepared animal feeds for farm and other animals, Primary Materials, Silicon dioxide, Silicon grease, Special nutritional products,