Eidsvoll Electronics AS
Remote crypto distribution, telemetry, space applications & flight testing

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  • Finance
    Total revenue: 17.047
    Operating profit: 473
    Operating profit before tax: 428
    Total assets: 10.403
    Total equity: 4.498
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Tronn Lervik

    Board Members:
    Ivar Olav Nordby
    Jan-Erik Nordal
    Tore Havstein

    General Manager:
    Truls O Andersen

    Subsidiary companies:
    Largest shareholders:
  • Trademarks
    EIDEL Distributed Data Acquisition System (EDDAS), Remote Crypto Distribution System (RCDS),
EIDEL Distributed Data Acquisition System (EDDAS), Remote Crypto Distribution System (RCDS),
    accessories & ammunition, Aerospace, Air defence communications systems, apparatus, Command Control & Information Systems, communication, Communications systems, Computer equipment and supplies, Consultancy & other services, Control room communications systems, Education & Training, Electrical equipment and apparatus, Electrical machinery, Electronic equipment, Electronic subsystems, Electronic valves, Electronics, Encryption & security, equipment and consumables, equipment and supplies, Ground Support Test Systems, Missiles & components, Office and computing machinery, Radio, Radio relay systems, Satellite components, Sound or visual signalling apparatus, Subsystems & Components, Tactical communications systems, telecommunication and related equipment and apparatus, Telecommunications Systems, Telematics systems engineering & consultancy, Telemetry Tracking & Control Services, television, tubes and electronic components, Weapon systems,