Coalfish (Saithe)
Western Norway

Drevik International AS
Specializes in trading seafood

Strategicaly located in Norway’s major fishery port, Drevik International AS specializes in trading seafood raw-materials to the industry both in Norway and on world wide basis.

Benefiting from years of experience and uncomprising commitment to quality and customer service, our company holds a strong position in the seafood trade today.

Our services include transportation, high sea transshipment, bunker supply, provisions, port assistance and cold store facilities.

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F/T «Yagry» and «F/T «Arkhangelsk» are modern Factory Trawlers built in Russia and equipped with processing facilities, freezers and state of the art trawl
system in Norway.

The vessels are working on year round basis in the cold and fresh waters of the Barents Sea. They are mainly doing frozen at sea Codfillets and Haddockfillets which are processed either; Skin-on PBI, Skin-off PBI or Skinless/Boneless subject to demand. Additionally the vessels are doing H&G Cod, Haddock, Greenland Halibut and Catfish. The vessels are operating entirely with russian crew apart from norwegian key personell on factory deck to ensure top quality products.


Both vessels are built according to and meet any international sanitary and quality standard(s) in connection with catching, processing, freezing and storing fish and fishfillets at sea.

Fish and fishery products on board are being handled and prepared or processed under a competent HACCP – and sanitary program consistently implemented and updated in accordance with U.S. FDA’s seafood HACCP regulation 21 CFR 123
F/T «Yagry» has EU approval no. 88C
F/T «Arkhangelsk» has EU approval no. 32G


North America
South America
South Asia
West Asia
  • Management
    Board Chairman:
    Ole Johan Drevik

    Board Members:
    Øystein Sandvik

    General Manager:
    Ole Johan Drevik

  • Trademarks
    Coalfish (Saithe), Cod, Dried & Salted Fish (Klippfish), Dried and Wet salted fish, Dried or salted fish; fish in brine; smoked fish, Fish Products, Frozen fish, Greenland Halibut, Haddock, Herring, Horse Mackerel, Mackerel, Pelagic, Prawns, Prawns & Shellfish, Salted fish, Shrimp, Tusk, Wet-salted Fish, Whitefish, Wolffish,