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Benestad Solutions AS
Glass/ceramic-to-metal sealing


Benestad is a Norwegian-based development and manufacturing company, operating principally within the fields of oil and gas and defence. The company is a provider of sophisticated design and product solutions in the field of glass/ceramic-to-metal sealing.


The aim of the company is to develop and manufacture products where glass/ceramic-to- metal sealing provides a competitive advantage. To achieve this aim, Benestad works beyond technological barriers in close cooperation with customers who rely on its products to provide optimum levels of operational stability.

The company has supplied sophisticated glass/ceramic-to-metal sealing since 1985 and throughout the years has continued to adhere to its philosophy of understanding, developing and employing innovative technology. Highly specialized proprietary processes are at the heart of its products and production.

As one of very few companies in the world capable of such advanced glass/ceramic-to-metal sealing, Benestad offers many key functions, including in-house capabilities in the way of design, calculation and core manufacturing processes and testing. Expanding its technology base with nanotechnology in 2003 has contributed to keeping Benestad at the technological forefront of glass/ceramic-to-metal sealing.


Strict quality control is of paramount importance, both to the company and its customers. Benestad’s quality assurance system was implemented according to ISO 9001 and AQAP 110 in 1995, and the company now has ISO 9001:2015 and ATEX Directive 94/9/EC certifications.


Penetrators for Subsea Electronic Enclosures and for electric actuators have traditionally been the company’s largest business area. Technological highlights applied in many of these penetrators are Glass-to-Titanium Sealing (GTTS) and extreme multi-pin glass geometrics, utilizing proprietary pressing and sintering techniques that are unique to the industry.

Benestad also manufactures high voltage/high current penetrators and termination systems for subsea applications such as booster pumps, wet gas compressors and transformers.

Benestad has developed and patented two capacitive sensor designs for subsea and topside applications. The first of these patented designs is being applied in monitoring oil and gas leakages on subsea installations. The other design is being applied in water cut and water fraction metering, both topside and subsea.

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