Ballast Water
Eastern Norway

Aquateam Cowi AS

Consultancy in Water-Related Enviromental Services

Aquateam COWI is an independent, environmental consultancy, specializing in water challenges to the offshore and on shore industry. Conducting consultancy and R&D for over 30 years in the petroleum sector, Aquateam COWI is a leading company in this field. Aquateam COWI delivers operational and environmental solutions for all aspects of water from injection, EOR and PWRI to drinking water and the effects of decommissioning.

Key Areas

Aquateam COWI’s key areas include:
Seawater Injection

  • System operation
  • Filter efficacy
  • Biocide dosing and microbial control

Produced Water Treatment & PWRI

  • Treatability studies and trouble shooting
  • Sampling and monitoring
  • Souring modelling and feasibility studies
  • Water quality requirements and impact
  • Reservoir souring and mitigation
  • Topsides microbiological effects(fouling, schmoo)
  • Documentation of pilot and full scale PWRI

Oilfield Microbiology

  • Microbiological surveys
  • Optimized biocide dosing regimes
  • Microbial influenced corrosion studies
  • Fouling challenges to process
  • Schmoo production and effects on discharge
  • Drinking water storage,capacity and hygiene

New Technology Development, Qualification & R&D

  • Lab, pilot and full scale studies
  • Performance of in-field documentation
  • Third party documentation
  • Application of future regulations
  • Support through a state-of-the-art instrument bank

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

  • Environmental qualification
  • Reservoir effects
  • Effects on PW treatment systems
  • Biological fate of constituents

Chemical & Environmental Risk Assessment

  • WEA and RBA
  • Ecotoxicology studies
  • CHARM hazard and risk assessment
  • Mass balance and partitioning
  • Treatability studies and impact assessment
  • Onshore treatment

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South Asia
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