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Aquastructures is a fresh, innovative and leading Engineering partner and we are involved in finding solutions for multiple challenges within renewable energy, subsea technology, open ocean aquaculture, towed systems and marine operations.

 R&D-projects, full scale prototype testing and uncharted waters are part of our day to day business.


Aquastructures is an accredited certification body within the aquaculture industry. The company performs the certification of load bearing components, global system analysis including mooring systems, cages, barges and net structures, ensuring safe and reliable structural integrity of fish farms, as well as other marine systems exposed to harsh marine environments.

 Certification According to the NYTEK-regulation & Norwegian Standard

NS 9415:2009

Aquastructures certifies both new and existing fish farm facilities. The company also certifies manufacturers and suppliers comprised by the NYTEK-regulation. This includes plastic and steel cages, feeding barges, nets and mooring arrangements, as well as other related products and equipment.

Aquastructures’ engineering team carries out both local and global analyses, which validates the total, structural strength of the system. Analyses can be performed individually on nets, mooring systems, barges, cages, alternatively as a system, containing the relevant components simultaneously. The analyses satisfy the applicable standards.


Certified inspectors and engineers perform inspections of products and fish farm systems, to verify the technical standards, required by the NYTEK-regulation.

 AquaSim Software
AquaSim is a nonlinear, hydroelastic analysis tool, able to analyze integrated systems, which operate in the marine environment. The AquaSim software is one of the leading analysis tools for this kind of verification, and is in use in Norway and Chile.

AquaSim simulates and analyze, in real time, the global systems under exposure of actual weather conditions, consisting waves, currents, wind and tides.

The AquaSim software is also used for a wide range of other marine applications.


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