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Alvestad Marin AS
Supplier of products and system solutions for fish farming

Alvestad Marin is a supplier of products and system solutions to the fish farming industry. CompHatch and EasyHatch are two of the company’s main products. The current requirements as to intensive production in fish farming, such as the need for greater capacity, better control and easier handling during production provided the basis for the ideas concerning the compact hatchery CompHatch and the EasyHatch hatching substrate. Alvestad Marin’s products are developed and commercialized in close cooperation with fish farmers and other actors in the industry.

Business Concept, Vision & Objective

Alvestad Marin’s business concept is to develop, manufacture and market products and services for the aquaculture industry in the Norwegian and the international markets.
Alvestad Marin’s vision is to be an innovative enterprise for the aquaculture industry with a main focus on simpler solutions for increased efficiency and better quality.
Alvestad Marin’s objective is to develop according to the opportunities that are to be found in the market and to develop in accordance with the value formation the company provides. Cooperation with the industry and affiliated development organizations is to characterize the company’s innovative position in the market.
CompHatch is a simple system containing eight levels which provides a capacity of more than 360,000 roe grains and fry of Atlantic salmon. With it over 1 million fry can be produced in 6 m2. It also optimizes water quality for the roe grains and fry. CompHatch is delivered complete with EasyHatch hatching substrates. Features include:
• Oxygen-rich water for each individual hatchery tray

• Huge capacity requiring little space

• Reduced risk for the spreading of infection. Each individual tray has its own separate intake
• Drawers in bookshelf system, a simpler hatchery system

• Slide bars

• Control valves equipped with flow meter for each hatchery tray

EasyHatch is a patented hatching substrate that offers easier cleaning and handling. It has a high capacity: 90,000 fry on each square metre – 18 litre roe. Advantages include:
• Support base and substrate in one prevents collection of bio material, air bubbles and problems with fry getting stuck
• Better water flow and reduced risk of nitrogen accumulation in the substrate
• Simple and easy assembly without the need of a support base on the underside
• Snap locking system for simple connection of several units
• Easy to adapt to all types of hatching systems- Reinforced base, perforated with 1.7 mm round holes
• Big fry capacity with steady support
• Combination of big and small pins limits the swimming activity efficiently
• Easier to keep clean, various pin lengths makes it easier to get down with a pair of tweezers or other equipment for cleaning
• Simple and time saving cleaning after use
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    Runar Alvestad

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