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Allmaritim AS
Oil spill response supplier

AllMaritim AS of Bergen, is Norway’s leading supplier to the international oil spill response industry, and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2008. Backed by its two main manufacturers, NOFI Tromsoe AS and Noren Bergen AS, AllMaritim is well recognized internationally. Its products are presently in active use in more than 30 countries.

Worldwide Markets
AllMaritim’s products are used by major operators such as PAJ in Japan, KMPRC in Korea, several oil majors in Sakhalin, Russia, Qatar Petroleum, Middle East, the Canadian Coast Guard and ECRC in Canada, US Navy and Coast Guard, SERVS of Alyeska Pipeline, Pemex in Mexico, Petrobras in Brazil, StatoilHydro in Norway, BP in Shetland and Indonesia, Chevron in Nigeria and in nearly all the European countries with ocean boundaries.

A Wide Product Range
Amongst AllMaritim’s products are oil recovery skimmer systems and oil containment booms that have proven themselves not only in glossy, flattering brochures and reference lists, but also in actual oil spills. Through continuous focus on development from both NOFI Tromsø AS and NOREN Bergen AS, AllMaritim has managed to enhance the technology and increase the efficiency in oil spill operations in demanding weather conditions.

The latest technology development is the series of “Buster” products that has brought the technology and efficiency to a new level due to its effective operations properties in high currents and towing speeds up to as much as 5 knots.

Similarly, Noren in Bergen earlier developed a reliable and economic offshore skimmer system, which was introduced in the late nineties as the NorMar Offshore Skimmer Series with recovery capacities from 100m3/h to 350m3/h.

Today, the NorMar series offers a wide range of skimmers in the capacity range from
0 – 350m3, all aiming for the highest throughput in all types of oil and with the best cost effectiveness. With the combination of the NorMar Offshore system and NOFI Offshore booms, AllMaritim is one of few international suppliers able to offer a true offshore oil recovery package.

Service Worldwide
AllMaritim is engaged in the sale and marketing of oil spill response and other environmental products to the maritime and industrial markets. The company’s aim is to always offer the best solutions focusing on operational HES features when offering services worldwide. Through a highly dedicated and experienced sales team, AllMaritim’s aim will always be to meet clients’ demands for the best possible response solutions, through creative and innovative products. The overall aim is to be recognized a supplier of environmental products that make a difference.


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    Board Chairman:
    Torgrim Rørtveit

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    Even Søfteland
    Marianne Telle

    General Manager:
    Trond Erling Dale

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