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Fiskerstrand Verft AS
At the forefront of development

Fiskerstrand Verft AS is a competitive and reliable yard located in Sula municipality, 22 km from Aalesund on the Northwest coast of Norway.

This region of Norway prides itself on having one of the largest and most progressive maritime clusters in the world, and considerable numbers of companies specialising in ships and shipping equipment are located here. The region retains a unique well of maritime expertise, both in terms of skilled manpower and technology.


Fiskerstrand Verft AS offers a wide range of different services including maintenance, repair work and conversions of vessels, new building and related services, tailored to selected client categories. A key element in our business plan is to develop the company’s strategic core. This entails flexibility, wide-ranging shipbuilding skills and advanced equipment for troubleshooting, machining, repair and preventive maintenance work. New building is based on outfitting of hulls which have been subcontracted to hull yards. The customer focus is Europe and the development of an innovative concept for small and medium-sized vehicle and passenger vessels shall be given priority

Current facilities and capacity at Fiskerstrand Verft AS

The shipyard encompasses over 50.000m2, and features 5.000m2 of production workshops and other building. Current capacity of 4-6 new buildings per year

  • Number of employees:
    • Approx. 140 employees
    • An additional 150 – 250 contract workers/subcontractors
  • 300m quayside with rail cranes, 60t, 20t, 20t and 2,5t
  • Floating dock with lifting capacity of 7500t (ship 150x23x7m)
  • Machinery and equipment both mobile and stationary on a large scale for large dimensions
  • Modern equipment for troubleshooting, adjustment and checking of machinery without disassembly
  • Remote-controlled Cleaning Robot design for vertical steel cleaning applications. Fast and efficient removal of dirt and or marine growth
  • Hydraulic axleload wagon
  • ROV  Deep Trekker a underwater remotely operated vehicle. For all kinds of inspections


Combination yard that cover:

  • Docking (up to 150m) 
  • Maintenance / classificationRegular service agreement with Fiskerstrand Verft AS.  Many ship owners have a regular service agreement with Fiskerstrand Verft AS, which essentially guarantees trouble-free operation. We know what’s important -we know what it’s all about and how get to grips with it.
  • Repair

We have just the know-how, tools and equipment you need.

One of the company’s fundamental principles in the course of its development has always been to trust in our employees’ creative abilities to find solutions that work.

This is vital in our world today. When a vessel suffers damage, selecting the repair yard with the experience and know-how to solve the problem is crucial.
Fiskerstrand Verft AS has a wealth of experience, tools and special equipment (often developed in-house) to repair any damage and get vessels back in service quickly and effectively.

The yard features a well-equipped pipe and equipment hall of around 1,500m2, resulting in improved working conditions and enhanced efficiency

The VertiDrive M3 washing robot is designed for all vertical steel cleaning applications

Propeller Shaft Puller SystemThe system is equipped with electric drivenpower pack and hydraulic valves for operating of the unit.

  • Conversion
    Conversions and all kinds of extensions

As we meet the challenging demands to adapt and develop, our clients have to overcome hurdles in boosting efficiency and maintaining their competitive edge within the industry. Instead of building a complete new ship, converting an existing vessel for new tasks is often the most effective and economical solution for the owner and crew.
Our planning and project management expertise has progressed by working closely with ship owners, naval architects, design companies and suppliers. Teamwork combined with our wide-ranging facilities is ideal conditions for growth, and smooth the process of retrofitting, converting and refitting of vessels.

M/S Thorshøvdi Fishing Vessel / Floating Krill Factoryfor Krill Harvesting and Processing.












  • Ship building

Leading on design & building of LNG vessels

Since 1965, Fiskerstrand Verft AS has delivered 76 different new building, from our own designs as well as those of clients. We would say there is hardly a yard with our expertise when it comes to building new ferries.






























Market segments

Ship building

  • Primary segment:
    • Small to medium sized car and passenger vessels
      Geography: Europe – specific projects worldwide
  • Secondary segments:
    • Specialized vessels

Geography: Worldwide

  • Fishing vessels

Geography : Worldwide


Offshore wind parks and oil & gas

  • Supply- / service vessels

Geography : Worldwide

Products / services

  • Fiskerstrand including its holding and collaborating companies are covering all parts of the value chain for new building of ships – from concept development through construction and outfitting to aftermarket services
  • Fiskerstrand will cover all the activities in the value chain:

Innovation – LNG ferry conceptM/F “Boknafjord” for Fjord1, Norway. Delivered 2011



M/F “Boknafjord“ for Fjord1, Norway.  Delivered in 2011

Operate on the two largest ferry links in Norway. 

Design Multi Maritime AS. – MM 120 FD LNG – Outfitted at Fiskerstrand Verft AS. 

Car/Passenger Ferry – 242 PCU – 600 PAX – Gas Electrical Propulsion Systems

M/F “Selbjørnsfjord“ for FosenNamsos Sjø, Norway.  Delivered in 2010

Design Multi Maritime AS. – MM 105 FE LNG – Outfitted at Fiskerstrand Verft AS.. 

Car/Passenger Ferries – 120 PCU – 250 PAX – Gas Electrical Propulsion Systems

Fishfeeder vessels (2x) for Egil Ulvan Rederi AS, Norway. Delivery in 2014

Design Multi Maritime AS. – MM 120 FD LNG – Outfitted at Fiskerstrand Verft AS

Innovation – conversion project – LNG gas

Rebuilt at Fiskerstrand Verft AS

Design Multi Maritime AS

From ferry to LNG bunker vessel

  • Pilot project / prototype
  • Conversion to the world`s first dedicated LNG bunker vessel
  • Hull and engine/propulsion system kept
  • Not need shore gas terminal for the operating vessel
  • Short turnaround in terminal


LNGF Seagas


















Innovation longliner with moonpool  «GEIR II»

The 2nd. vessel delivered with moonpool to the same shipowner  H.P. Holmeset AS, Norway. Delivered in 2010







The environment

Concept development of new ships within the fishing and ferry industries is high on our list of priorities.

Collaboration with shipping companies and Norwegian research institutes, such as SINTEF and Møreforskning, has generated a wider range of skills and yielded good results. The company is well aware of the value of insight and experience gained through its environmental work and promotion of enhanced power conservation and financially viable concepts. Fiskerstrand Verft AS joined forces in the early 1990s with four other local shipyards to advance methods and create an environmental manual for cleaner production within the shipbuilding industry.

Recognition of the many years spent by the shipyard on promoting environmental improvement resulted in the company receiving a certificate in 2000 from the Environmental Lighthouse Programme. This certificate verifies that the shipyard has satisfied industrial requirements for both newbuilding and repair work. It also endorses the fact that the company’s internal quality control system assures routines for identifying environmental acceptance and the submission of environmental accounts in line with accepted Norwegian accounting principles. The shipyard has also assisted in the development of software for eco-friendly fishing vessel design. This project involved teaming up with several other European centres of expertise.


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