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– quality and tradition


Alminor was established in 1988 and is located in Austbygd in Tinn Municipality in the
Telemark region of Norway. In this area, craftsmanship and industry have long traditions.
Here too, among high mountains and natural beauty, products of high quality and hygienic
standard are created. This is the home of Alminor System 150/250, now the Norwegian
market leader, with a high market share in Norway and exports to many European countries.



Cleaning costs money. Alminor System 150/250 has been developed to meet the ever increasing demands for hygiene and cleaning. The products have smooth and easily accessible surfaces and closed profiles, making it easy to maintain a high standard of hygiene without wasting precious time. Plastic shelves can be easily detached and washed in a dishwasher.


Cost per square metre is often high in cold and freezer rooms,
kitchens, sterile rooms etc. Space can be tight, with a requirement for high utilisation. Alminor offers a wide range of standard products in 10 cm modules, with 80-150 cm shelf lengths, 4 depths and 3 heights, giving excellent and economical use of space. Shelves can be mounted at at any height at intervals of 16 cm.



Profiles and materials for Alminor System 150/250 have been precisely developed and combined to give the finished product the high Alminor quality. Hygiene, strength, stability and safety in use are absolutes for us. The front edges of the shelves have been specially developed to tolerate high loads and give minimum deflection. Solid shelves only have an edge at the front in order to provide the best possible accessibility for cleaning. Shelving uprights have sturdy feet which can be adjusted up to 50 mm. The transport trolleys have large, sturdy, corrosion-free castors of 125 mm diameter, giving good manoeuvrability even on uneven floors.

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    Operating profit: 1816
    Operating profit before tax: 1822
    Total assets: 5268
    Total equity: 2231
    Currency: NOK (all numbers in thousands)
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